Net Neutrality

I’ve shared a number of posts regarding this topic on Facebook and Twitter but there’s a few things that I feel like delving into here. I’ve seen a number of items talking about how “Trump’s FCC” is trying to repeal the rules “Obama’s FCC” implemented, as if this is somehow only because of Trump. This started long before Trump, and the difference between the two groups is literally ONE guy. Four out of the five current Commissioners, including Chairman Pai, served on the FCC under President Obama. The only one not to serve under Obama is Brendan Carr, Commissioners Pai, Clyburn, O’Rielly, and Rosenworcel were all previously appointed to the commission by President Obama. Now, is Trump innocent in all of this? Absolutely not, but he’s not the sole person responsible.

I sent notes off to both Iowa Senators and Rep. Steve King earlier in the week, thus far the only person to give a relevant response is Sen. Ernst. I received an auto-reply from Sen. Grassley’s office but I imagine a real response will come at some point in the next week or two.

While I’m not surprised by the content of Senator Ernst’s response, it is rather disappointing. Claiming that attempting to ensure the Internet continues to operate the way it has for the last 20+ years amounts to overregulation. Then there is the most baffling statement of the entire letter, “Internet bandwidth is a finite resource and must be allocated somehow.” Because more capacity cannot be built? Further, why should ISPs be allowed to determine how that bandwidth is allocated?

Overregulation can hurt an industry by stifling investment and limiting  competition, thereby hurting the consumer.” Competition? We are talking about internet access here, not buying a car. I have a whole two choices where I live, the telephone company and the cable company, hardly a competitive market.

I imagine any responses from the rest of the state’s congressional delegation will likely be filled with similar bull. I’ll probably follow up  when/if I receive a response to the two remaining inquiries.


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