So the weather around here looks to remain rather dull for awhile..

I’ve been having issues with my laptop (Dell Latitude D630) since vacation. Originally I thought it was just the SSD failing, so I ordered a new drive from NewEgg along with parts for other projects. But earlier this week it started refusing to work at all, acting like the battery was dead even when plugged in. I was beginning to think the thing had finally bit the dust but just for fun I decided tonight to see what happens if I took the DVD & hard drives out, along with the battery. I hit the switch and instead of immediately switching back off, it started to try and boot before shutting down. Hmm, further than before.. so I hit the power button again, and it gets a little further before shutting down. A couple more attempts and eventually the thing fully powers up and completes it’s POST, announcing about the missing drive. I try the on-board diagnostic, which chugs along aside from prompting about missing drives. I shove the battery in at some point, which it doesn’t seem to notice. I give it a quick bit of a reboot, which seems to go normally before shutting it down & sliding in the hard drive. I hit the power button and eventually everything sputters to life. Aside from some un-requested restarts (thank you Windows Update?) it seems to be working, I was able to start on reinstalling software again. However for some reason it does not appear to be charging the battery.. hmm….


(I know the obvious answer is buy a new laptop…but that’s just not in the budget right now…)

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