The Rest of the Week…

Glancing at the alert map we now have Winter Storm Warnings posted for most of the northern 1/3rd of the state, down to along the US 20 corridor, and as far down as the US 30 corridor in eastern Iowa from around Benton County east to the Mississippi River. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the remainder of the US 30 corridor west of Benton County and much of the I-80 corridor as well as the I-29 corridor north of US 30.

It’s been a couple days and a dozen model runs since I wrote my rough forecast post for the convention I’m traveling to tomorrow (Thursday) so I’m going back and updating things.

Breakfast (7 AM): Mid to Upper 30s
Lunch (1 PM): Low 50s
Evening (7 PM): Low 50s
Overnight (1 AM Friday): Low 40s

Breakfast: Mid to Upper 30s
Lunch: Mid 50s
Evening: Upper 50s
Overnight (1 AM Saturday): Upper 40s

Breakfast: Mid 40s
Lunch:  Upper 40s to Low 50s chance of rain
Evening: Low 50s
Overnight (1 AM Sunday): Upper 40s

Breakfast: Lower to Mid 40s
Lunch: Now that we’re closer things are looking more consistent. Mid to Upper 50s.

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