The Week Ahead..

So I’m taking a short (3hr) road trip south later this week into the weekend so I thought I would work out a forecast and share it. We’re a few days out yet and most of this is based on only one model (US GFS) so it may well change between now and then.

Breakfast (7 AM): Upper 30s
Lunch (1 PM): Mid 50s
Evening (7 PM): Upper 50s
Overnight (1 AM Friday): Mid to Upper 40s

Breakfast: Low to Mid 40s
Lunch: Mid 50s
Evening: Upper 50s, possibly a chance of rain in which case temps in low 50s
Overnight (1 AM Saturday): Upper 40s to Low 50s, possible chance of rain

Breakfast: Mid 40s, chance of rain
Lunch: Mid to Upper 40s, chance of rain
Evening: Mid 40s
Overnight (1 AM Sunday): Lower 40s

Breakfast: Lower 40s
Lunch: Things aren’t so consistent here. Upper 40s to around 60.

Henry just put up a write-up on the next round of winter weather for northwest & north central Iowa so I won’t rehash that here.

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