Projects II

So I discovered the CPU I was going to use in building a Hyper-V or VMWare test box has only a single core. I think I’ll end up using it for a pfSense or OPNsense box instead and do something else for the hypervisor test box, maybe use the hardware from my current NAS after I build a replacement for it.

Occasionally I’ve run into some bottlenecks with the NAS which I think are I/O rather than CPU, I just haven’t figured out if I need more RAM, more disks or some combination thereof. I’ve wondered if I need to add a SSD or two but I’m not sure if that would help or not either. Current config has most of my data, including the XenServer storage on a 6x3TB RAID-Z2 using the WD Red drives. Contemplating if adding SSDs for either SLOG and/or L2ARC would help. Thinking if I can build a new machine I’ll put in 1 6×3 vDev and migrate everything over and then add the 6×3 from the existing machine as a 2nd vdev?

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