CentOS 8

So awhile ago I started looking at options to update my MariaDB servers & mail server to newer versions than the OS-provided versions they were currently running. Initially I was looking at using IUS like I did for PHP, but CentOS 8 hit RTM including updated versions of all of the above so when an image was available on my hosting provider, I went that route. I’ve converted the database cluster and have both front-end web servers (Nginx w/ caching) migrated over. I was planning on slowly working my way through the rest of the environment, and then I find out CentOS 8 is getting discontinued at the end of 2021. Pretty damn short notice, considering CentOS 6 just went end-of-life on November 30th, and CentOS 7’s end-of-life isn’t until sometime in 2024. Based on the description, the replacement – CentOS Stream – is going to serve as a beta for RHEL, not exactly useful when looking for stability. Guess it’s time to look for a new OS for my servers.

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