You can walk across the river..

might be a bit of an understatement. The lack of rainfall has led to very low levels on area rivers, here is a look at the measurements around 4 PM this afternoon:

Stage (Feet)Flow Rate (CFS)
Des Moines River / Saylorville Lake / Beaver Creek
Des Moines River near Stratford5.61000
Saylorville Lake836.07
Des Moines River at Saylorville Tail (Johnston / Below Saylorville Dam)3.21870
Beaver Creek Near Grimes3.0344.1
Des Moines River at Des Moines 2nd Avenue15.491370
Des Moines River at Des Moines SE 6th Street (Below Raccoon River)10.231530
Raccoon River / Walnut Creek
North Raccoon River near Perry3.34181
South Raccoon River at Redfield2.49141
Raccoon River at Van Meter2.61377
Raccoon River near West Des Moines26.5323
Raccoon River at Iowa 28 / 63rd Street20.25391
Walnut Creek at Des Moines 63rd Street3.026.80
Raccoon River at Fleur Drive0.71263
Stream gage data via NWS / USGS / US Army Corps of Engineers

Saylorville Lake’s normal pool is 836.00.

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