Lab Updates

So late last year I picked up a refurbished Dell PowerEdge R610 to use as a VM host to replace the 2950 Gen3. I still need to get more memory for it as I only have it outfitted with 64 GB currently. I still want to get 1-2 more R610s so I can get rid of the R900. I might get a 4th if I get into anything requiring super heavy lifting that i can dedicate to said task. Originally I was going to scrap the 2950 but have since decided to try doing a FreeNAS build around it. It only has 6 bays which I’ve filled with 2TB drives and replaced a couple of the 4GB memory modules with 8GB modules bringing the total up to 40GB (I’ll probably replace the remaining 6 later in the year). So far it’s handling my iSCSI stuff for the XenServer boxes, I’d like to move everything else over but that would require a suitable controller and some sort of 3.5″ disk shelf/enclosure that I haven’t located yet (at least without having to pay $$$$$, short of going on eBay and hoping for the best). If I can get that done I’ll probably take the AMD system that is in my original NAS build and use it for a new workstation.

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