Storage Thoughts

So, I’m contemplating making some additions to my TrueNAS box (which was previously discussed here) either in the form of additional RAM or drives. The current pool configuration is the 5 drive RAID-Z2 of the IronWolf drives and the WD Reds have been rearranged into a 3 vdev mirror, with one drive just floating empty. Unfortunately it appears the 6TB IronWolf drives are no longer available so I’m not sure what I’m going to do for adding to that pool at the moment. I was consdering adding a pair of drives to the other pool which houses my VM store, but that pool is now showing one of the drives faulted, I have not been able to determine if the drive is having an issue or if its a repeat of the v1 build where it just goes back to normal after a reboot.

I need to work out a backup mechanism for the VMs, but other than the IronWolf pool I dont have a good one at the moment.

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