Short Storage Update

So one of the WD Red drives in the pool hosting my VMs started displaying errors in TrueNAS (pool degraded) recently. Now, like the previous NAS the errors did seem to go away after a reboot so not sure if this is truly a drive starting to fail or not, but to be on the safe side (drives are getting old) I picked up a few more 6TB IronWolf drives from NewEgg (this time the ‘Pro’ versions, I think the original 5 were just standard IronWolf drives). Prior to their arrival I built a new zvol on the other pool and migrated the VMs across as I would need to remove part of the WD pool to install the additional drives. So now I’m running two five disk RAID-Z2 vdevs, I’m thinking I’ll add one more max (as the JBOD is only 15 bays, anything else requires either 2.5″ drives or an additional JBOD). I haven’t decided on if I should start looking for SSDs to add to this as well. I did pick up 128GB of RAM to add to this system as well since it has plenty of room (I think it maxes out at 768 GB) but haven’t got around to installing it yet.



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